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A blog about emergency readiness, response, and recovery for artists.
By Craig Nutt on 4/29/2010 3:08 PM

I make furniture (you can see my work at and  I have been good about documenting my work with professional photography over the past thirty-five years.  Since most of my work has been sold, what I have left is photographs, mostly 4x5 transparencies, negatives, and slides (along with digital images). If I had a fire, flood, or tornado, this documentation would be difficult, expensive, or impossible to replace. In addition, it would hinder my ability to respond to requests for images from magazines, clients, or for shows.  My business insurance would cover some of the monetary value, but the loss of my images would be devastating.  So, in my efforts to disaster-harden my career,  I focused on my images first.

By Craig Nutt on 2/17/2010 11:22 AM

It Came to Me In a Flash!

Kingston Springs, TN - A while back we had thunderstorms here in Middle Tennessee. We needed the rain, so I was enjoying the storm until  there was a nearby lightening strike and a bright flash of light, like one of those old blue dot flashbulbs, popped beside my desk. I was 15 feet away at my drawing board, but it scared the s%$# out of me!