Disaster Relief

Artists tend to be self-reliant and are often hesitant to ask for help after an emergency. However, a disaster can impair your ability to care for you basic needs and to get back on a productive course. Recovery from a disaster is a group effort.  Graciously accept help when you need it, and offer help if you are able.

This section has tips on how to get help from first responders, arts agencies, and sources within your community.

Charting the Course by Marilyn Murphy




We have made the contents of the Getting Help: Emergency Contacts Pocket ProtectorTM booklet from the Studio Protector® wall guide available as a pdf for you to use, print, and post in the studio. The booklet contains lists of first responders, arts responders, and places to fill in your own emergency numbers, plan for evacuation, and and work through special needs. The fillable pdf file can be filled in, saved and printed for easy reference.